A big frustration that many job seekers face is that they are looking for a targeted position and are being contacted by irrelevant jobs that are outside of their field. Now a choice needs to be made: is the job an opportunity in the door or a dead end situation?

Sometimes a lower level position in a large company with room for growth is a great way to get in, demonstrate your abilities, and get promoted, whereas getting into a small company where you will never have the opportunity to advance is not advantageous to your resume and your career.

Ask targeted questions in the interview. Find out if the position/company have room to grow. Talk to others at the company. Utilize www.linkedin.com and the web to see what others think of the internal workings of the company.

Don't just take an opportunity at face value: dig deeper, ask more, and identify if the role is the one for you or if you would be wasting time.



09/13/2012 4:44pm

I am struggling with this as we speak. Good opportunities at small companies where, yeah, I'd learn a lot, but I'd be done in about a year and ready to move on...and I don't want a choppy resume. Considering more "general" jobs in LARGE companies knowing I can explore and grow..this seems more appealing honestly and I actually may get a better quality "education" in return! There's more structure in place: policies and procedures, salary and review structures, etc. Sure, nothing is a "sure thing", but accepting a little less pay at the start may be well worth it in the long run!

02/12/2013 1:52am

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01/21/2014 11:20am

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