Some people love their jobs. They love every single day of what they do. They never have any complaints, and come in cheerful and…wait! That’s not reality!!!

No matter what you do, and no matter how much you are getting paid, work is still WORK! That is why they pay you to be there. I would like to think that at some point in each of our lives, there will be a job which you have nothing but love and affection for every single time you walk in the door, but that is not reality. Reality dictates that there will be good, bad, and many in-between days. If it was that much fun to go to work, it would be called a vacation, and you would be paying someone to be there, rather than the other way around.

Case in point: we had a honeymoon at an all inclusive, incredible resort. My husband and I would return there without hesitation (except that it’s really REALLY expensive). Why? Because every single person who we met working at the resort went above and beyond expectations. They made our vacation incredible. Unfortunately, it was not a vacation for them, but another day of hard work. So, even in paradise, there are people being paid to help others enjoy their stay.

I have heard people say that they would be happy at work if they had more money. With more money comes more responsibility, thereby increasing stress and decreasing time with your family. No matter where you sit on the food chain, work is still work. It may not be self-actualizing, it may not even be fun, but that’s why you are paid to go.



08/01/2012 12:24pm

You make of it what you put into it. No, it may not be your DREAM job, but if allows you to live and enjoy your life, build good relationships, etc. then it's a good thing! A friend and I were recently saying how stability and the ability to be able to have life outside of work are important to us...therefore, we make work as enjoyable as we can and while it's definitely NOT perfect, it suits our needs and we get what we want out of it (and our employer does in turn) and count our blessings. Many of our friends come from work, our paycheck comes from work, and depending where you work, you may also get other perks (discounts, vacation days, health insurance, etc.). Make the most of it that you can as long as your integrity, morals, ethics, or health isn't being compromised! Work to live, not live to work!


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