How do you work with temp agencies to benefit your job search without getting into an ethical dilemma?

Some organizations will lead you to believe that you are only to register with one company. Unless that organization is starting you on an immediate temp-to-hire job for which you interviewed, there is no reason not to sign up with a few different agencies. Different recruiters/organizations have different relationships with hiring managers throughout different markets. With that in mind, you may not need to register with every organization in your local market. Have an honest and open conversation with the recruiter who interviews you. Find out what he/she feels is the chance you will be placed based on their knowledge of the market in relation to your skill set. With that in mind, this is not a chance for you to become argumentative and feel you can convince someone to use you and only you. (I have had that happen many times!)

Identify the specialty of the staffing firm and how you may be able to be a good fit. Don’t call your recruiter repeatedly, no matter how badly you need to work!! They will find you to be needy and annoying, and will not want to work with you! Similarly, be available or call back quickly when you receive a call. Don’t play recruiters against one another, or you will wind up “blackballed” from a variety of firms. Be ethical both in your search and in your business practices, and people will be excited to work with you.

If you are flexible on your hourly pay and location, more recruiters will regularly reach out to you for employment. If you won't leave the green grass in your backyard for under $100/hour, you will be looking for a job for a long time!



07/23/2012 4:38pm

This is great! Thank you so much! It's always so hard to know what's "acceptable" in the world nowadays and none of us wants to burn a bridge before we've even started across it!


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