The 4th of July has people blowing up stuff. In honor of that, let’s blow up some myths that many managers still hold near and dear! 

Myth #1: It is productive to encourage employees by downplaying their accomplishments.

Everyone likes to hear that they are doing something right. Rather than motivating by downplaying what they have yet to accomplish, share some positive encouragement of what the team is doing well. They will be more invested and happier with the management style and more enthusiastic about reaching their outcomes.

Myth #2: Employees don’t need praise or raises. They should be grateful they have a job.

I heard this recently, and my first thought was: “I am employable!” Why the hell would you ever say this to someone, especially someone you want to keep on your team?

Myth #3: Conference calls are great ways to bring our team together from various locations.

Conference calls should be a 10 minute get-to-the-point way of notifying your team of a few key pieces of information. Otherwise, your team is making shopping lists or checking out new bags on Coach’s website. Just saying…

Myth #4: Everyone loves a PTO commando!

I earned my PTO. And I am going to take my PTO, or a sick day if I am sick. Being a PTO commando is like telling someone that they cannot use their health insurance or 401K.

Myth #5: Micromanagement keeps employees focused.

Micromanagement is only necessary for your weakest employees (those who are in training and those who are dead weight and really should be replaced.) Competent employees will be proud to share their latest accomplishments with you as a manager, and do not need to be ridden like a horse! Let them do their job and they will happily complete their tasks well.



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