Student: Nobody seems to be hiring.
Me: How many applications have you sent out since I saw you a few months ago?
Student: 2

(I will withhold commentary!)

Student: I haven’t received leads recently.
Me: Where do you look for jobs?
Student:, where you showed me to look.
Me: Wow! Me too! So why would I find something you aren’t able to find for yourself?


Now for the commentary: Would you like me to send out your resume, write a targeted cover letter, interview for you, get the job, work for you, and just send you a paycheck???


07/28/2012 1:32am

Answering your last question Jessica, yes please that will be great
;-). I know a lot of people are waiting for companies to find them, they are not willing to make any effort. Others enjoy collecting unemployment. It is sad but true everything you said on this post. I met one person this week who is waiting for a company to hire him before taking some English classes. He is looking for a Customer Service position, he will be on the phone the whole day, his English needs a lot of improvement. There was no way to convince him to take some ESL classes.


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