Please pay attention to what you are doing if you are responsible for the care or life of a person or animal! I cannot stress enough how important your role is as a healthcare or helping professional. Someone's LIFE is in your hands and it is up to YOU to ensure that you do everything it takes to be responsible and accountable for your actions.

A true example: A couple of years ago, my toddler son was in the Emergency Room for croup, a severe breathing issue for an asthmatic child. His nurse, who had not been paying the attention that was required, provided him with an adult dose of the wrong medication! Thankfully, he was okay, however delayed 8 hours for monitoring in the hospital. The outcome could have been, but wasn't, life threatening.

Take control of what you are doing. Make sure that with responsibility comes the attention to detail required to care for the life of another. The same is true if you choose to care for an animal when their owner is not home. To you, it may be just a dog or cat, but to the family, it is a loved one and as much a family member as anyone else.

If you choose not to do so and get fired, it is nobody's fault but your own, and that is a rough one to explain away in an interview!


07/11/2012 7:26pm

I call them irresponsible people. Once the tragedy happens, the last thing I want to hear from them is: "I am sorry". Will it change anything in the situation? I don't think so. Unfortunately it is a hidden trait that nobody can see within the interview process.

Get Hired and Beyond
07/23/2012 4:11pm

Unfortunately, reference checks can only say so much legally, whether an employee is fantastic or irresponnsible! Sometimes we have to go through real trial and error to find the gem of an employee!


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