Sometimes, there is a good time to unplug from your cell phone, internet, and all devices starting with a lowercase i. There are nights I wake up for a couple of seconds, and wind up checking my email or Facebook. Let me tell you right now that is not a healthy way to live!

I am not saying that you should ignore your boss’s emails in the middle of a project which you are spearheading. However, at the grocery store, in the movies, on a hike, and in the bedroom, it isn’t entirely necessary to answer the call or see who changed their relationship status. There will be time for that later like at 3 am when your significant other is sleeping and you have insomnia…or something like that!



06/04/2012 1:07pm

I had to delete Facebook from my iPhone. There is no reason I need to know what everyone else is up to, just so I can make a random snyde comment to myself that just raises my blood pressure anyway! Waste of time!! I keep my phone very minimal when it comes to apps. It helps with the disconnecting process!


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