The difference between Disney World being the “Happiest Place on Earth” vs. just another day relates to whether the person spending time there is spending money or making money. (Granted, I wish every company would learn how to provide the level of customer service which Disney offers, but that is another article for another time.)

Every job, whether it is your dream job or something you do until you can find a better job has at least one great thing about it. Each job, as well, has negative aspects too! If it was the most fun you could have, they would not be paying to you to be doing a job; you would be paying admission. In knowing that, you want to identify in the interview and selection process exactly what the environment is like, from corporate culture to quirks and nuances. You want to make sure you are able to live with the worst aspects of the job, because if you can tolerate those, every other part seems fine.

It’s always easy to find the upside to an employment situation (ie: I can feed my family. No foreclosure this month, etc.) As my friend shared with me, and as we all experience regularly, the upside is not what we live on a day to day basis.

A great question to ask an employer is: “I am thinking about working here. Talk me out of it.” Another great idea is to ask the employer what they like most and least about working for the company. You may get a cheesy and canned answer, or someone may be upfront and honest about the challenges. Also, you may want to ask why the last person left as well as what the largest challenges are in the role for which the employer is interviewing you.

Find out the good, the bad, and the ugly! That way you can decide best if the company and role are suitable for your needs, and will allow you to make the right choice.



06/21/2012 1:27pm

I had a phone interview the other day and when I asked the woman interviewing me why SHE liked working there she hemmed and hawed and couldn't answer me directly. When she finally did answer me, it was things I considered as a NEGATIVE...the words she chose to describe my potential boss were: perfectionist, exacting, keeps odd hours, hard to keep track of, likes things a very particular way, etc. I know it's all how we PERCEIVE a situation, but then obviously we perceive it as a negative when you probably CAN pull some positive things out of it. Maybe a good exercise for us all is to write the cons of a situation and turn them into PROS....and then it all may not seem so grim.


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