Let’s talk www.linkedin.com for a moment. Joining groups, adding people you meet at networking events, and offering valuable shared information in discussions and articles relevant to your field can establish your credibility as a subject matter expert! Joining groups that fit with your ultimate goal, and remaining active in these groups when you are employed increases your visibility in areas beneficial to your continued employability and ability to become promoted. Most importantly, I have made it a habit to add a contact to LinkedIn right after meeting him/her. That way, we can remain in contact and remember one another. You never know when there will be a need to reach out to another professional contact. Don’t just use people to get a job. Work with them to offer what you have, whether resources or other value-added components.

I am amazed at how many people tell me that they would find their references, except they moved/changed jobs/etc. Searching LinkedIn is a 30 second way to rekindle contact with someone with whom you had a great professional relationship. Who knows, their company may be hiring and looking for someone like…you!

Finally, ask for recommendations! You won’t believe how many people will give you a positive reference on the web…if you are a great employee and you ask them!



06/01/2012 11:47am

My only question/issue with LI is that I'm reluctant to "network" with people I currently work with.....while I want them there, I am also looking for a new job out-of-state and it wouldn't bode well with the people at work if they knew, obviously. How do you get around that? Everyone I've asked so far has said there really isn't an easy way. I work in a very very small organization that is not always the most "savvy" when it comes to social media, technology, etc. so that doesn't help either. I want to POST more on my LI page, but I fear the retaliation so I limit it to private messages to select connections only.


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