Have you ever wondered why actors are waiters during the day? I do not think that is a coincidence! To be able to audition, it is important for someone to have a flexible work schedule with the understanding that they can get shifts covered by someone, and where they are not committing to a 40-hour a week, no callout situation. On top of which, someone who acts is likely a people-person who endears their customers, thereby collecting higher tips.

Conversely, I have a very close friend who chose real estate and has worked as her own boss for many years. She self proclaims that she would not last 2 weeks as a "cubicle dweller" working a structured job with less than full flexibility. Some people are best with more guidance, and others succeed as self-starters or managers. Some of us like to work with people and others prefer to focus in a quiet area.

Another close friend of mine is unbelievably organized (and I am so jealous of her efficiency and ability to coordinate and visually layout) and she is also very skilled at determining the preferences of others. She has been a great success in retail management and has many years ahead of her with opportunity for growth and advancement.

Focus on what you enjoy as well as your strengths. The more engaged you are in your career, the more successful you will be. I can suggest the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory as a great assessment of your preferences and that suggests employment which fits your style.

There is nothing worse than having a job or career that does not fit who you are as a person!


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