Recruiters, interviewers, and other employment professionals do not want to hear your entire life story, from conception to yesterday! I was at an event over the weekend and was privy to way more information about people than I needed.

For instance, one woman introduced herself to me and began sharing a great deal of how employers discriminate against her based on age, how she has worked part time, and can’t seem to get a break. She didn’t know me, had no idea how many people in the community I know, and ostracized me the moment her lips started moving. Instead of selling why she would be a great asset to an organization or sharing what she has done and asking how I could help, she treated me as her therapist, dumping her acidic personality and toxicity onto me. Why would someone want to hire her? I couldn’t stand to have a 5 minute conversation with her. 

No matter what has happened in your search and no matter what happened with your previous employer, stop being so damn negative! Your attitude can get you hired, promoted, fired, and keep you on unemployment. Keep your 5 minute and 30 second “about me” presentations positive. Smile. Be someone likeable and people will want to help and hire you, instead of wanting to visit their own shrink to tell him/her: “You’ll never believe what is going on in the unemployment arena nowadays!”

Be the person you would want to spend 40+ hours a week with. When someone dumps their negativity on me, it takes all I have not to scream: “It’s YOU!” YOU and YOUR NASTY ATTITUDE are why you are not working. Look very bluntly in the mirror. See if you would hire the side of you that is looking back. If not, change yourself. Be the best YOU that YOU can be!!!



06/11/2012 6:08pm

I have a "toxic" friend. I've watched her ruin her personal relationships, I've watched her jeopardize her job, make enemies, and hurt her progress at school. Through all of this, she doesn't see that the common denominator is her attitude. It's gotten so bad that people at work won't speak to her, they've been cautioned against her, she has to work in an office with her boss so he can monitor her and her chances for a promotion or transfer are null. She needs to get an internship in order to graduate from school and no employers will even take her on for FREE. She works in the medical profession and word gets out QUICKLY.

When we meet for coffee talk, it's all about how unfairly she's treated at work, school, how her home life is going no where, etc. It's gotten to the point where I can only tolerate her in doses and that's even stretching it. It's sad to watch people do that to themselves, but they do and no, we are NOT their therapists!

I always tell her to pick her battles; she is NOT "Norma Rea" and she just needs to worry about herself and put the focus on how she can be better, but it's always everyone ELSE'S fault/problem where she's concerned.

Get Hired and Beyond
06/16/2012 2:50pm

Liz, I agree. Toxicity in the work or personal arenas will destroy relationships rapidly. It's unfortunate, especially when you want to help and the person just wishes to complain!

Justin Latchford
06/11/2012 9:17pm

I met you at the job fair a couple weeks ago. You did a really Great job. I happened to turn around and could en`t believe the amount people you were speaking to. Being i was in the 3rd row. Your Motivational, Mixed with tremendous social skills showed very well. thanks. Not really sure how this whole linked in thing works giving it a shot. My number 561-929 3072

Get Hired and Beyond
06/16/2012 2:48pm

Thanks, Justin! I will reach out to you this week. Best, Jessica


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