When I walk into a store or restaurant, it is very obvious to me, as a patron, in under 15 seconds if the person assisting me is collecting a paycheck or happy to be in their role. It sometimes takes even less time than that.

How are some ways I can tell? The first is eye contact, followed by a smile. Someone who truly wants to provide excellent customer service shows that he/she is happy to assist you. Acknowledging the client/customer/patron and offering assistance in a timely fashion goes a long way towards customer satisfaction, even if that involves saying: “I will be with you in just a moment.” I understand if you are busy seating other customers or helping them with a product. I am not nearly as pleasant when you excuse yourself to continue gossiping to your colleague. If I am not acknowledged within 60 seconds in a restaurant which is supposed to have someone seat you, I get up and leave. If no one is interested in earning money that I am willing to tip with, I have someone else nearby who would be happy with my tip!

Be courteous! Go the extra mile. Your customers will thank (and tip) you!



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