I am amazed when I see how small many of our local chamber of commerce and personal networking groups are! I do not understand with how “rough the economy is for job seekers and new graduates”, why there aren’t many more power players involved in local events, many of which do not cost a great deal of money!

Take a $10 or $20 investment and go talk face to face with the business decision makers within the local community. Have a meal or a drink with the owner of a small business, or the COO of a local hospital. Look at the membership directory of your local Chamber of Commerce or professional association and see how you can have a 2-way conversation in a social setting with someone who is able to review your resume and make a business decision about you. Instead of submitting your resume to the “internet black hole”, meet people. Lots of them. Speak with them and ask them who they know. Get to know them as more than what they are able to do for you. Then, you will have many more opportunities to increase your target audience for employment.



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