I can’t tell you how many employees come to me unprepared. They have old resumes, forgot their resume, dog ate the resume, dog peed on the resume. And my first thought is: will this person be more prepared for a presentation?
Today, I was meeting a student for a scheduled appointment to review his resume. I rushed my lunch in order to meet with him on time. He “thought I emailed the resume to myself, but I guess I didn’t.” I thought you’d potentially be a good candidate, but I guess you aren’t? What’s the deal? Why are you unemployed? Let me count the reasons...

Be ready for an interview, job fair, or networking event. It isn’t as though it fell out of the sky. I am sure you knew it was coming! Take time to run your interview answers off a friend, think about what you are going to wear, how you are going to present, and what you are going to bring in your portfolio to make you look like a superstar. Otherwise, all you are doing is cutting into my lunch hour or my productive time that I could be spending with someone else, and I don’t like that!



06/25/2012 1:13pm

I not ALWAYS only bring paper copies, but bring the documents loaded onto an inexpensive thumb drive as well. That way, God forbid there's a downpour or I get splashed by a bus and my paper copies somehow get ruined (actually happened during a freak summer storm and flash flood several years ago when my bag, coat, shoes, EVERYTHING was drenched) I still have them stored with me!


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