The basic interview questions have become stale. Sure, you want to know the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, etc. But digging deeper will provide you with a great deal more insight into how a candidate will handle stress, pressure, technology, and the daily demands of the job at hand.

Here are some questions that will help you drill down on whether a candidate is a good fit for you. Many of these are behavioral interviewing strategies.

1.     Tell me about a time when you did not meet a deadline for a project.  This will show how well a person can explain a situation under pressure. It has happened to all of us. Would the candidate be able to best maintain composure, while being honest, in a high stress situation?

2.     Tell me about what types of projects you handled on (name of) software. This question will identify how much or little a person knows about the software, as well as how diversified he/she is. Some organizations require a specialized knowledge of one area, while others expect a more wide range of reporting, administration, or application. Many times, a candidate will write that they know the software, and you want to know the level of familiarity.

3.     Name an example of when you made an unpopular business decision. This shows how well a person works with a team, as well as their skills surrounding diplomacy and communication, all of which are required in positions today.



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