Ladies, you know we are working as hard (sometimes harder) than our male counterparts. Many of us have completed college with advanced degrees. Some of us support corporate executives. Others are corporate executives. So, why are we compensated so differently?

This is not about history, sociology, or a glass ceiling! I was working with a fantastic client of mine and we spent over 90 minutes discussing HOW TO ASK FOR YOUR SALARY TO BE INCREASED TO FAIR MARKET VALUE. I am not saying ask for more, nor settle for less. 

We, as women, are trained not to be argumentative, not to negotiate, and not to fight. It's time we learn what we are worth, through research, and identify ways to ask in a professional and positive way for what we deserve. Is it enough to have a job? NO! You should be getting compensated fairly and appropriately for the work you do. I teach many techniques based on individual situations, and there is no reason you should be underpaid. It is time to ask for what you are worth. (Now, if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you cannot be compensated enough in money for the work you do!) If you are looking for strategies on the wording to present your value to your employer, please contact Jessica at Get Hired and Beyond at 561-573-3500. There is an art to negotiation and I can help you with how best to present your value to your employer. (This applies to my male readers as well!)