What are some good words that employers look for? Much of that depends on the field in which you are searching. However, action-based verbs are critical in appropriately and proactively describing what you did/do for an organization.

Make sure your tenses are correct. Use strong verbs such as: organized, developed, implemented, produced, increased (revenue, sales), decreased (costs, overhead), minimized, encouraged, supervised, spearheaded, designed… 

These are powerful words that make a difference! Employers are looking for such things as documented success, excellent provision of customer service, and a candidate who is boldly able to state what he/she can contribute to the overall productivity and success of an organization.

1.     Don’t ignore the importance of a cover letter. It is the introduction to your resume and highlights why a manager should read your resume.

2.     Don’t come up with a generic cover letter to send to all of your job applications

3.     Do take the time to research the company and highlight what you have done in the past that would make you a good fit for the organization.

4.     Do share your qualifications with examples and success stories. Paint a picture of why you are a good candidate. Tie it back to the research you have done.

5.     Don’t forget to include your contact information and an invitation for the manager to reach out to you.

6.     Don’t forget to check for issues with spelling and grammar!

7.     Do research the recipient’s name using www.linkedin.com or calling the organization.

8.     Don’t address it to “sir or madam” unless you have exhausted all options, including internet research to learn the person’s name!

9.     Do read the job description thoroughly and explain why you are the right fit for the position.

10.  Don’t forget to change the name of the company on each cover letter!