Sometimes in management, a difficult decision needs to be made, involving a freeze on salary increases/raises, or a layoff issue. Unless you were fired for disciplinary or performance reasons, this is not an indication of how your employer feels about you as a human being. Similarly, you should not share in an interview that your employer “hated you”, “discriminated against you”, or “harassed you”. You should share that a business decision was made to incur a reduction in staff, and you were a casualty of that reduction. When you badmouth your boss or prior boss, it is very unprofessional and unappealing, as you are in an interview to put your best foot forward.

Similarly, when you resign from an organization, whether for a relocation or better opportunity, consider it a business decision. If your employer takes it personally, it is okay to explain that you needed to make a move, whether for financial gain or employment growth. Tell your employer that it is not personal, but a business decision, with the opportunity to advance in your career. Anyone who respects you as an individual and an employee should understand. If not, that signifies that you may have been in the wrong place, and that you are making the right decision. Regardless, both sides are acting in the interest of what is best.