1.     There is a reduction in staff and you were the last one hired, therefore the first one out. It sucks! It was a purely financial decision. Thereby, explain it as such with confidence in an interview and you will likely get hired.

2.     You stole money/trade secrets/confidential info from the company. Hope you look good in stripes. Or orange. You’re going to have a much rougher time getting rehired.

3.     Your attitude sucks. You may be burned out or just hate your dead end job. If you don’t take that to heart, you will get promoted. If you do, you may be out on your miserable rear end. Job prognosis: people hire who they like. Lighten up!

4.     You are addicted to Facebook, Angry Birds, texting, or personal phone calls. Your boss is paying you to work. Try it. You may like it.

5.     You and your boss had a disagreement. A bad one. Eating crow can be good for you, especially if you like eating. All kidding aside, know when to call a truce and maintain professionalism. It’s much easier to find a job when you have a job.