I recently fielded a question from a gentleman who worked in a Union job in New York and moved to Florida, to a right to work state. He asked me: “If a company isn’t willing to pay me overtime, why should I work more than an 8 hour week?”

My response was simple. In a room filled with 200 unemployed candidates, I explained that if he was not interested in working overtime, there were 199 additional people in this room who would take the job from him! There was thunderous applause from the others. All of them agreed!

In today’s economic situation, where there are many underemployed and unemployed candidates, there is no longer an option to work for a set time. There are now blurred lines between job descriptions, and you are both expected and required to be a positive contributor to the additional duties that need to be completed.

The work force has changed. There is no more 9-5. Work is being taken from 2 or 3 people and given to one employee. Be the best you are able to be! Get the work done without complaint! Be the flexible and motivated employee that you need to be. If not, 199 or more people WILL be interested in your spot!