Excuses I hear regularly about not doing a committed, 40-hour a week job search:

1.     I am babysitting/watching my kid. (OK, kids are expensive and they need to eat. Find a job!)

2.     The economy is really bad and no one is hiring. (I get people hired every day! They aren’t waiting for YOU to send a resume, but there are companies hiring every day. In fact, the economy picked up.)

3.     I will make more on unemployment after they take out taxes and I pay gas, childcare, etc. (Does unemployment promote you? Do you get benefits? Are you meeting people on your couch to take your career to the next level?)

4.     I haven’t worked in a year or more. (Take a temp job. Get back in the game somehow.)

5.     I am only working part time. (Network with people you know! Ask for more hours!)

6.     I don’t have time. (No, you don’t make time. I work full time, hold down a house, have a child and a husband, and am starting up a company from scratch. You’re lazy! AND LAZY DOESN’T GET HIRED!)