I understand that many of you are not reading my blog with pockets of disposable income. Many of you are reading it in the hopes of getting ahead with your career, or getting out of an unemployment or underemployment type of situation. Regardless, one thing that is critically important to know in developing a business, brand, or career path is that it takes money to make money!

Things you will need to budget for your job search include:
-A business suit or 2 if you have extra interviews (yep, I am a broken record about that damn suit!)
-Polished and professional business shoes
-Hosiery (women) or nice new socks (men)
-A few classic ties and dress shirts in neutral colors (men)
-Printer ink
-Nice paper for your resume
-A leatherette portfolio in which to present your resume
-Gas/transportation costs, may include overnight if you are open to relocation
-Relocation expenses if the company does not reimburse the full amount

Please make sure you have enough to get in front of the employer. Show the hiring manager how professional you can look and be. Dress for success, and success will follow with the right attitude!