Many of us get caught up in the strive for being the best we can be at work and at home. Yet, something is a little off. Perhaps the laundry is piling up. Maybe your spouse is a little more on edge than usual. Or it could be that it's time to buy some larger slacks. Whatever the case, we all need to evaluate the work/life balance equation on a fairly regular schedule.

You should never be victim to the parable where your child saves enough money to buy an hour of your time, asking you to come home early enough to eat with him/her. As we gain more responsibility at work, time commitments increase. What are some ways to balance the seesaw of life?

Take a little "me time" every day. Even 30 minutes to work out, explore a hobby, or mindlessly surf the internet. This needs to be non-work related. Catch up on your favorite show. Take a long bath with a magazine. Whatever gets you to unwind.

Take a little family time too. Unplug from your work cell and catch up with your spouse. Throw a ball with your son. Have a tea party with your daughter. Play a board game with your family. Spend some quality time with the people for whom you are working. Show them how important they are to you. If your spouse works in the home, give him/her a much needed 30 minute child free break for "me time". It will pay you back in dividends!

Nobody will benefit if you never unwind, or if you have a heart attack at your desk. Make each day count for you and those you love!

Are you working to live or living to work? Do you love what you do?

Sure, there will be times where you have drama, issues, and politics at work but overall, are you doing something where you feel satisfied at the end of the day? If not, maybe you are in the wrong field, working for the wrong employer, or even working for the wrong company.

Or perhaps, your life is out of balance. We need to make sure to focus each day, or at the very least, each week, on things outside of work to feel productive and well balanced. These areas include: family, friends, fun, household duties, health, spirituality, rest, and furthering education, whether taking a moment to read an industry related article or pursuing more formalized education. When a wheel is out of balance, it doesn't work. The same is true when your life is out of sorts: it makes you less effective and satisfied with your job. Maybe you love what you do but are burned out. Take a fall day, now that the kids are back in school. Take a breath. Get to the doctor for a check-up. Feel good about who you are as a spouse and as a parent. Make sure that your life is balanced, and you will feel better about tomorrow.