Yes, my friends, this is a "Master of the Obvious" post that too many people are missing. I hope it can help, and as always, I'm going to be a little blunt. If you are a CFO and applying to an Accounts Payable position, I am not going to call you for my next CFO position. Why? Because you are not proving to me that you are able to read.

You are not what I am looking for in this role. Recruiter translation: thanks for wasting my time, but I would like to find someone pretty close to the job I posted. If you are interested in contacting your recruiter, call, send an email, text, even smoke signal. But look at what the job description is! Being overqualified is just as inappropriate as under qualified. You are going to be bored. You won't be challenged. And short of a nonexistent candidate pool, you are not going to be hired for the position for which you applied.

What can you do? Take the time to apply to jobs appropriate for your skill set. Network! (Yes, I am sure you heard that from me once or twice.) And most importantly, read, really read the job description!

I would like to apologize to my loyal followers about the delay in blog posting recently! A number of things occurred, including a glitch in my computer (which looked a whole lot like the blue screen of death!), a rush of enthusiasm and increased writing on the book which I have been striving to publish in early 2013, and my starting of a new recruiting gig. The new position is sure to give me lots to write about! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, happy/merry/joyous/cheerful/peaceful holiday season to you and yours!