There is a lot to be said for job satisfaction. We spend more time with our colleagues than our family members. With that, there are details to seek out when you are looking for employment and things to consider when it becomes time to head back on the market.

I have found at various points in my life that I have either made the wrong decision about working for a company, or over the course of time my attitude has shifted and it was no longer a good place to work. Here are some ideas to contemplate when you are faced with a difficult situation...

In an interview: find out the realistic expectations of the role. Are you required to be on call? Will you be on backup if someone else is unavailable?

Ask why the last employee left. Gauging turnover can assist you in understanding the job satisfaction of others. Being able to identify the job satisfaction of others will help you determine if it is the right role for you.

Sometimes, crazy shit happens! I was hired into a consulting role, and 3 months in, all management and associates were new. Sometimes the dynamic shifts slowly, when new people are added or leave a company. Sometimes the directions of a company changes and the expectations of employees change rapidly. Management change is a key to job satisfaction/dissatisfaction. The number one reason I have heard for people to look for a new job is not clicking professionally with their direct superior. The main reason I took the position with the consulting company was that I liked and respected my manager. He was gone in a month! I was pretty upset.

Sometimes, you know right away that the corporate culture isn't a fit for you. That gets upsetting because you just left a role for something new (possibly for more money) and you are stuck as not to be a job hopper. Hang in there!!! Something will change. Or you will.

Being happy at our job involves more than our managers and job expectations. For some, it involves a camaraderie with your colleagues. I had a terribly paying job right out of school, but loved the happy hours and fun friendships with the others in my department. We kept a rough job lighthearted and had fun along the way.

I am big on space. Where am I going to be working? Is it well lit and comfortable? I don't need to burn candles at work, but had an office where I was allowed exactly ONE personal item, and that sure felt stifling!

Is there somewhere to eat nearby? Perhaps a lounge for colleagues to bring food? Does everyone eat at their desks? There are many intangibles that add up to defining a corporate culture. Be as aware as you are able prior to starting a new opportunity. At least, you won't be balancing Pad Thai on your keyboard and wearing it on your slacks like I have!